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Wavebone NAMM SHOW 2024

We are joining 2024 NAMM SHOW, and we are excited to showcase our latest studio furniture in this big event.
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We are joining 2024 NAMM SHOW, and we are excited to showcase our latest studio furniture in this big event, including amazing workstation, innovative podcast solution and brand new rack case. These products will help you discover the benefit of an ideal music creation space.

The key words for this year is "modularity" and "expandability." Besides music, we do our best to fulfill different needs from various genre of creators, and explore wide range of opportunities to utilize working space.

These products are expected to be officially launched in the near future.



STELLA™ is a small rackmount case that offers maximum efficiency.

Coming with the mountable space of 2U, 3U, 4U, STELLA™ be the best and ready-to-use solution for quick exten- sion of your recording equipments. The light and efficient design makes STELLA™ great for limited space and even capable of travel with tours.



SPACE STATION™, the new console workstation expected to be released in 2024, has the modular design that en- ables maximum customization based on different needs.

Designed to meet the demands of different kinds of recording studio, Space StationTM offers the various combination for users in response to their own specific needs, helping users create a tailored workstation that is functional and visually stunning.

Maximum Freedom with the Modular Design

SPACE STATION™ has different modules for users to buildup various combination to achieve an integrated work-flow. Each module has different functions to meet the needs of all kinds of recording works, including vast work surface, rooms for racks, platforms for screens and monitors.

Functional Modules for Different Needs

Space Station™️ offers four types of modules in total: two functional modules and two structural modules, enabling users to build creative solutions that best suit their needs. Users can easily acquire a substantial amount of rack space or a spacious work surface with the functional modules. The two structural modules are essential on both sides for all combinations to ensure the entire console workstation is solid and secure.

Thoughtful Placement for Monitors and Screens

The elevated surface of one of the functional modules serves as an ideal platform for professional monitors or screens. Additionally, there are various locations for users to mount a screen arm, promoting better ergonomic posture.



Starship™ is an innovative standing desk that goes beyond the ordinary. Equipped with clamp-on speaker stands, a monitor stand, and an adjustable keyboard tray, Starship provides a versatile solution for basic recording or podcasting requirements.

The standing feature not only promotes a healthier work environment but also, with the added accessories, helps maintain an ergonomic posture. Everything is easily within reach, allowing users to sustain a comfortable and productive workspace.

Height-Adjustable Design

Starship™ features a control panel that facilitates height adjustment and specific height memory key settings. With these functions, Starship™ empowers users to enhance work efficiency without compromising their health.

Integration With Wavebone Gemini™ Monitor Stand

On the edges of the Starship™ desk board, there is designated space for users to clamp a pair of Gemini™ Stands, offering flexibility in placing professional monitors wherever suits them best.

Integration With Wavebone Horizon™ Keyboard Tray

For users requiring keyboards in their work setup, Starship™ can be paired with the Horizon™ Keyboard Stand from Wavebone®, a stand with six adjustable heights that can fully retract under the desk board when not in use, ensuring maximum legroom for users.



The upcoming Wavebone podcasting solution is anticipated to include a primary podcasting desk with a modular design and a range of podcasting equipment accessories. The modularized main desk is crafted to cater to the diverse requirements of various podcasting scenarios, accommodating both single-person and multi-person setups.


Spaces for Mounts

The desk edges are cut to provide designated areas for various mounts you might utilize.

Private Panel Solution

The private panel solution offers users additional privacy during work.

Thoughtful Cable Management

The well-designed cable management system helps keep cables organized.


More information and release dates for all of these products will be shared in the near future.Please keep an close eye on Wavebone website and Instagram

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