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Viking™ is really multi-functional, and I love it so much! It's really comfortable to sit on!

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BG8LOCC, a Taiwanese rapper, lives a lifestyle of staying true to his creation.

BG8LOCC learned about hip-hop culture through self-study before his creation. Influenced by TV and the internet, he learned and created his own style of hip-hop music. He found that hip-hop culture was very different from popular culture in Taiwan. Thus, he began listening to rap and hip-hop music. He enjoys a variety of music, but he is especially influenced by music icons such as NWA, Dr. Dre, and Eazy-E. In addition to hip-hop music, he also listens to city pop, old punk, and old rock. He has tattoos of Eazy-E and Elvis Presley on his feet, a testament to his love of music that transcends genres.

"I usually listen to whatever music is around me, but I really enjoy the West Coast rap from the 90s. West Coast rap samples from funk music and incorporates some synthesizer sounds to create G-funk music. Those songs have a lot of gangster culture but also have an atmosphere of enjoying life, I really like that."

“Rap is something you do! Hip-Hop is something you live.”

BG8LOCC has many representative works and is one of the few creators who blends old and new styles in Asia. His inspiration comes from the visuals and rhythms that float in his mind. He often writes them down and transforms them into lyrics."For me, singing, writing, and creating are part of my daily life.” He writes down everything that comes into his mind, they become rhymes, melodies, and lyrics.

Besides being a rapper, BG8LOCC is also a founder of his personal brand, "Born2Die".He has a background in graphic design and still has a passion for drawing.He completes all the processes personally for his brand.   “People have to face death from their birth, why don’t we do something valuable when we’re alive?” His lifestyle is just the same as his brand "Born2Die".

 Anyone can rap, but how to show one's life experience is another matter. I believe that the most important thing in making music is to stay true.

The User Experience of Headquarter™ Workstation

Keeping solitude while creating allows BG8LOCC to focus on one thing and leaves time for self-exploration. As for recording work, all that is needed is a computer, microphone, recording interface, and monitoring speakers to start creating. In terms of hardware configuration, he thinks the comfort of the workspace is key to good work.

Earlier this year, he found the brand WAVEBONE on social media and discovered that many music professionals are using their products. " I shared my setup photos on social media, and I realized that many professionals in the industry are familiar with WAVEBONE. Many people have also asked me about my user experience, and I tell them that it's great." In the past, he recorded music at home with a normal working desk. The old desk is too high for him to work for such a long time, making it inconvenient to use. When he moved into a personal recording space and start to use a desk which is designed for music creators, his feeling completely changed.

The biggest difference for him when using the Headquarter™ workstation is the placement of the screen and monitors. When the monitors are positioned correctly, there is no need to spend much time adjusting the sound. Resulting in a smoother music-making experience compared to before. "During production, I can also hear my own range and make precise sound positioning and direction adjustments. Professional products are indeed different from regular furniture in terms of use."

The User Experience of Viking™ Multifunctional Studio Chair

BG8LOCC is really enjoying our other product Viking™ Multifunctional Studio Chair."It is really multi-functional, and I love it so much! It's really comfortable to sit on!Sitting for a long time on a regular chair makes me feel uncomfortable. However, Viking’s seat back can be adjusted in three different angles, which provide a comfortable position at any time.”

As a music creator, he also recommends professional products for anyone who needs to sit for long periods of time, and who wants to pursue a more comfortable computer working environment and experience. It is great to be able to use such comfortable products.