Ding Ding's Home Studio

Ding Ding's Home Studio

Ding Ding, the guitarist of Taiwan folk band DingDing & ShiShi, has particular taste of acoustic sound.
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Ding Ding, the guitarist of a Taiwanese folk band named DingDing & ShiShi, has a particular taste in acoustic sound. He plays recording guitar in the album and often is in charge of producing.

When it comes to recording and producing, the Headquarter™ workstation offers enormous help to him.

I got lots of gears and racks for producing and recording; Headquarter™ really did a great job putting everything just in the right places and remaining organized.

The speaker shelf is vast enough to take Strymon Iridium after placing a pair of speakers and monitor. The main desk space is set with a midi keyboard and Panorama P1 mixer. Ding Ding also takes advantage of the 9U space for the racks and more storage. Beneath the desk is a customized rail drawer for keyboards and mice.