• Up to 5-year warranty on Headquarter™️ and Star Rover™️ Studio Desk ;
2-year warranty on Voyager™️ series and Viking™️.

• Replacement or refund will be arranged if the products are found defective or missing parts upon unboxing.

• Wear and tear under normal use will not be covered by this warranty.

If there are any missing parts or damage upon unboxing, please send the photos to support@wavebone.com within 14 days after receiving it.

• The warranty period of the products is expired.
• Request the replacement or refund of the defective product over 14 days after receiving it.
• The warranty card is missing.
• Damages from mishandling will not be accepted.

For other questions, please see FAQ
(wavebone.com) for more information or send your request to support@wavebone.com.