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Headquarter™ : US$99.00

Cable Tray : US$15.00

Voyager II™ : US$40.00

VoyagerI™ : US$40.00

Gemini™ : US$15.00

Grand Gemini™ : US$20.00

Fin™ : US$15.00

Wing™ : US$15.00

Essential Set : US$109.00

Classic Set : US$139.00

Musicians Set : US$120.00

Hi-Fi Set : US$238.00

Professional Set : US$149.00

Twin Set - Wing™ : US$30.00

Twin Set - Fin™ : US$30.00

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Return Policy

Please kindly contact  within 14 days if you have needs for returns.

The typical process for the return will be as follows:

1.  The product must be packed in its original packaging. Without the original packaging, we will not be able to accept your return.

**Please note that if there are any obvious scratches or stains on the products which make it unable to be sold as the new product again, we will not be able to accept the item and make the refund.

2. We will provide the return label to you after the packaging is done. Please print it out and place the label on the box. After that, we’ll ask our shipping company to pick up the returning package at your place.

**Please kindly note that customer will be paying the shipping fee for the return.

3. After the package is sent back to our warehouse and we confirm that all the items and packaging are intact, we will exclude the shipping fee from the total order amount and make the refund to your PayPal account.

The returning may be a time costing process. Also, there will be chances that the product or the package be damaged during its return shipment, which may disqualify the item from the quality standard.


Currently, the keyboard stand of Headquarter™ Workstation are not able to be sold separately.

Once the keyboard stand is ready for separate purchase, we will release the news on our website and social media.

Please stay tuned to our latest info!

Please see the following link to check if your model can fit perfectly!


Currently, we have three colors in total. Wood, black, and white.
Please see the following link for more information.

Headquarter™ (

Yes, hardware needed for assembling our products has all been included. For most of our products, hardware will be put together in a small box.

Yet for Voyager™ series studio chair, the screws are already been mounted on the seat back. Please kindly check if you receive them after receiving your order.