Jacob Dark

Jacob Dark


"After using them I'd happily recommend them to other studio owners I personally know"

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Jacob is a YouTuber who shares unboxing videos. At first, he was just curious about wavebone's products. But, unexpectedly, this curiosity turned him into a supporter of the brand. He filmed the whole unboxing process. Next is about his interview.

Q : Why did you start looking for a good studio desk?

A : At some point we outgrow our beginner interface and start buying rackmount gear and need a good studio desk to house it. I wanted two things: a desk small enough to fit in my bedroom and a walnut aesthetic. Wavebone is the only studio desk company in the industry accommodating both.

Q : What was your first impression of Wavebone products?

A : My first impression was based on seeing the products online and envisioning what I could put together. I knew to get the look I wanted, I'd have to go Wavebone. After using them I'd happily recommend them to other studio owners I personally know.

Q : After using them, which Wavebone product would you most recommend?

A : The Star Rover. Most of us home studio guys don't have giant spaces to work with and the small form factor of the Star Rover with a pair of Grand Gemini stands takes less than 60" from side to side, a perfect solution while keeping your monitors off your desk for the best sound possible.

Q : Who do you think Wavebone products are suitable for?

The average, everyday home studio owner. You can grab the big Headquarter desk if that suits you or go a la carte and put together a nice setup with the Star Rover, Grand Gemini stands and FIN cart. Flexibility and versatility for us small guys.